Charity Communications & Supporter Retention

As a charity, talking to supporters is a vital source of income and an important way of retaining regular contributors, but it takes more than a news update to build that resource and increase not only contributions but active involvement and support. Everything needs to work in harmony; PR, direct mail, web & social media, but too often it’s fragmented.

Supporter strategy

Basic marketing sense tells us charity supporters need to know how their money is spent.  This means reporting back on the impact the charity is having on real people, lobbying, research, animals or environments – we like to know we’re part of something, we want to buy into the brand, the mission and feel warm about the results we help achieve.

A properly integrated charity mailing, online and social media campaign should help to get the supporter pot bubbling and give people a real sense of being informed and involved! An integratedfundraising strategy should sit behind them and knit them together to build on the resource rather than settle for ‘keeping in touch’. A good supporter communications strategy secures and increases donations and supporters, builds contacts, gives people the tools and the motivation to get involved.

Data and contacts

A crucial part of supporter communications is data. It’s your list of people who you know have donated or supported your charity before, and are actually more likely to do so again given the right trigger. Keeping your data up-to-date is easy if you keep in touch with them regularly, but if it’s been a while it can become necessary (and a legal requirement) to clean up your data before using it again.