Oyster has been working with Wiggle to deliver some product review videos for the company's 'run' department. The task was to review some of the category's top products including running shoes and apparel. In addition, following a recent rebrand, part of the challenge was to encapsulate the new Wiggle brand within video for the first time.


Oyster worked with the Wiggle marketing and 'run' team to plan, script, and produce a range of 62 product review videos. The videos were shot at local venues including the Portsmouth Mountbatten Centre. The reaction to the videos has been very positive and the series of videos are now amounting to thousands of view on Wiggle's YouTube channel.

You can see a selection of the video produced here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OViUyGxhYOc&index=5&list=PLp3uA5UsvqxiUCeCAQh7NFTDe6KW7hqli

Or you can view this one chosen at random: