For most businesses, 2012 is about reducing costs & increasing sales. At Oyster we believe that a frugal 2012 marketing budget should focus on 4 key areas:


The web consistently delivers the most effective return on investment. Beware simply spending money on design, in order to get the most from your investment you must address your messaging, understand your audiences and provide clear ways for them to engage with you. Another area to watch out for it choosing your CMS (content management system). If possible, go for an ‘open-source’ CMS that doesn’t require on-going license fees and where you own all the code and software – no-one else. Read more about web design…

Email Marketing

Email marketing is cheap to do and effective when done well. Legalities aside, the key areas to get right are your choice of data, your messaging, being targeted and relevant, and the design of your email. Using a solid email broadcast system is a very good idea, this way you can see who opening and clicking in your email which allows you to better target your customers and also monitor the performance of your emails and make changes where necessary.  Read more about email marketing…

Cross-sell to existing customers

If you’re a business that sells multiple products, it’s likely that your customers may be interested products other than those they normally buy. Businesses are notoriously bad at this due to different departments not talking and lack of sales initiative, but a warm bed is far easier to get into than a cold one! Changing your marketing materials to include cross-sell opportunities, or sending email newsletters to your existing customer base about your entire rage of products is a very good idea.

Look more professional

Whether it’s print or digital, how your company looks says at lot to potential and existing customers – whether it’s and accurate reflection or not! Good graphic design can change a company’s image from ‘run of the mill’ to ‘different from the rest’. Stand out from the crowd! Oyster know how to use design to highlight key messages and elements and how to inspire the audience to get in touch. See examples of our work.

If you’re budgeting for some marketing spend this year, why not ask Oyster to quote for the most competitive and effective way to utilise your budget? What have you got to lose? Call Oyster on 01243 389713 or email