Agencies like Oyster, who enjoy some great relationships with schools and colleges across the UK, have seen enquiries for school website design soar over the last six months. School websites are so important in guiding parents and potential students to find the right school for them. Oyster understands how vital it is for schools to effectively portray their character and strengths online.

Not so many years ago 1 in 3 people referred to a website when making a decision about products or services, now 3 out of 4 do. School websites are more than just a presence online or a portal for information, they are your shop window, where prospective and current parents will form opinions about your school.

Learning platforms were all the rage for schools five years ago, they allowed schools to transfer a lot of their admin online and also address communication policies with parents. However many learning platforms are very rigid and functional in their design, constraining the school’s ability to display their true personality and character online. Custom school websites are now more popular than ever as prices have dropped for good content managed websites and the pressure on schools to go with learning platforms has decreased with cuts on funding.

Important things to consider when planning your school website are:

Personality and Character

Does your school website say the right things about your school’s character, vision and priorities? Design, photography, use of colour and type are all key in making the right impression.


Images are so important, and a really effective way to show what life might be like attending your school. Photographs allow prospective students to visualise themselves at your school, and incite interest to arrange a visit.

Event diary

The school calendar is so important for parents. Oyster build school calendar tools that allow parents to easily search through events and even register to attend them online. They can even pay for school trips online, making school finance departments easier to manage.

Create the right IT impression

IT is going to be a huge part of every child’s future and parents like to know that their children are being given the right start in this area. Increasingly people expect more of their online experience and it’s important that you’re seen to be delivering this as an educational establishment. Children are incredibly adept at using computers and the Internet – show that you can support that.

Encourage communication

A great school website enables easy lines of communication between the teaching team and parents. Oyster has some innovative ways to ensure this is promoted.

Display work

Students love to see their work displayed online, and prospective parents love to see that their work is appreciated! Add a child’s artwork to your homepage, run a competition online or as parents to vote for the winner in an online poll. The possibilities are endless!

What’s next?

If your school is looking for a school website, why not as Oyster to provide a proposal and estimate of costs? You can read more about our marketing services for schools on our website. Please get in touchto discuss your options and to get a quote. We hope to hear from you soon!