Having designed QEF’s external and intranet websites we then turned to optimising their website to hit the top spots on Google for key search terms. All 30 search engine optimisationterms we worked with are now top 10! After just 8 weeks QEF are on the front line of their business area. Having provided a competitive package, advised on key terms from our software analysis, compared these to similar websites, coded, linked, optimised copy and headers and all those other wonderful tweaks, we are now continuing on a small retainer to move the few remaining terms into the sweet spots and strengthen the site and key terms.

Top search rankings:
What do you need to do? Will it work?

Starting with the last question first, it will of course work providing you are optimising search terms that your desired customers’ are going to tap into the search engine. It’s gob-smacking how many organisations don’t address this vital issue properly. To avoid this calamity, we discuss search terms, run a software analysis to see how often the terms under consideration are used in search terms and then analyse similar subject sites to see what they are doing. By doing this you know you are starting with the right tools for the job. This done, you are then about to bring your website up into the competitive front page of the search engines, where people are constantly dipping in to hunt down services similar to your own. The web is a huge phenomenon and you need to be competing!

Going back to the first question – what do you need to do, the answer is to find the right web design and SEO agency (hello!). Approach it as a detailed planning exercise – make sure the logic works completely, which means having the right search terms, optimising the right pages, ensuring those pages fulfill the visitor on arrival, any calls to action are instant and easy and, as you would any other marketing actions, you monitor the responses and the traffic. To make optimisation really count, you should be tuning it all the time, looking at performance and asking yourself what can improve and what’s a waste of time. Get the right people on board and you’ll be tuning into the world’s biggest and most profitable business resource – on the front line!

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