Any change in any organisation is need careful planning and implementation, and a brand change even more so, as its the key element and representation of the organisation in your students, parents and employees' minds. Plus, whatever the outcome, it with probably be with you for a long time, so its really important to get it right!

A brand is often the first thing that people see and creates a lasting impression; it instantly creates an impression of your school of college, before they're even crossed the threshold. For example, the font might say whether you're traditional or modern, the colour might say whether you're single or coeducational, and the icon might give indication about religious rooting. 

At Oyster, we've implemented brands in lots of different types of organisations as well as schools and colleges and we have a good understanding on the best ways to ensure a smooth implementation and quick adoption.


Involvement - it's always best to try and involve the key parties in the decision making process, but without adding too many cooks to the broth! Identify the key decision makers, with the right authority, and involve those people in the process from start to finish.

The brief - get it agreed, in writing, before you start any work on the project. The brief should cover key objectives, milestones and timescales, budget constraints, the breadth and depth of the project, who the key decision makers are and the process for sign off.

Choose the right agency - find someone who will help you through the process, provide a third party opinion and have the confidence to voice it! Brand is so important to get right, and Oyster can help you to reach the right outcomes for your organisation.

If you're looking to re-brand your school or college or are just looking for a refresh, we can help. You can read more about our approach to education brand projects as well as see some of our relevant work, here: