“At a time when budgets are being cut, in both public funded and independent schools and colleges, it’s really important that every penny spent on marketing is spent wisely to maximum impact” explains Kharran, Oyster’s school and college marketing specialist.

“How you present your school or college to prospective and current parents is critical to how you are perceived by a wider audience”. Here are some of the key areas that Kharran advises schools to focus on to help them to analyse the message they are sending out:

Brand / logo

Does your school logo and motto serve the school well? Brand is an essential part of any organisation’smarketing communications. Schools are no different. If a brand is out of date, inconsistently displayed or carrying a motto or supporting line that is no longer relevant, then you are at best missing an opportunity and at worst letting your school down. Refreshing or renewing a brand is one of the best ways to send out a really positive message to your catchment and it doesn’t need to cost a great deal to achieve it.

Internal communications

Are the communications you send out to parents and staff professional and considered? The message you send out internally is critical to how you are perceived. The biggest audience you have is current parents. They discuss your school between themselves and with friends and acquaintances a great deal – their impressions hugely influence local perceptions.


Does your prospectus reflect the true character and values of your school? The prospectus is one of two key opportunities you have to persuade prospective parents to visit your school (the other is your website). The prospectus arrives and you have their undivided attention – it’s your moment to tell them what makes you special! Are you making the most of this opportunity?

School/College Websites

The other key opportunity; your school/college website! It may be that prospective parents and students head to your website first, before they receive a prospectus. More and more people do their research for everything online, including schools and colleges. Does your website accurately portray your school? Would you be happy for someone to make a decision about your college based on your website alone?


The impact of an image is incredibly powerful. Think about all the advertising you see for perfumes, cars, holidays… the list goes on, they are all using images to sell. There are few things more powerful to parents than images of children. Capturing that moment between a pupil and their teacher, laughter in the playground or the concentration on a child’s while studying, they all communicate a powerful message. Does your school/college photography do you justice?

Oyster’s work with Schools and Colleges

Oyster understands the challenges that schools and colleges face, and we specialize in helping them to achieve their goals. Common challenges that we can help to address are increasing enrollment,rebranding to improve perception, attracting different types of students and offering a better depiction of strengths and character. Oyster has extensive experience of working witch schools and colleges across the UK.

If you’d like to discuss your school or college’s requirements, please get in touch with Kharran at Oyster on 01243 389713 or email hello@oysterdesign.co.uk.