Here are our 4 top tips for improving organic SEO (that's the type that you don't pay for!):

1) Check your page titles

Make sure they are all unique and relevant, ideally using your target keywords. For example, don't use 'Home' instead use 'Home | ABC Website Designers'.

2) Quality copy

Make sure you have lots of well written and keyword rich content. If you're not confident with copy it might be worth using a good copywriter.

3) Setup a blog on your website.

This will help to build up content on your site where otherwise you might not need it. A blog also allows you to be more informal which you might find easier to write.

4) Think like your customer

Use words and phrases for your products and services that your customers/site visitors would search for, not what you would call them. For example, a heating engineer might be better using terms like 'plumber' or 'boiler servicing' instead.