Oyster has been working with brands for over 14 years and have created and refreshed brands for a wide variety of businesses and organisations across the sectors.

We have found that there are five key points to consider before embarking on a rebrand project:

1. Get buy-in from the relevant parties.

Buy-in is about ensuring that you have the authority/backing/support to implement any decisions that you make. Without it, you could end up wasting time, money and resources on a project that might never be delivered.

Who might you need to get buy-in from? It depends on your organisation and its structure, but brand is your customer-facing persona, so the person/s who have ultimate responsibility for the organisation or its relevant stakeholders need to ‘buy-in’ to the rebrand and/or delegate the authority to make decisions on their behalf. In a private sector organisation authority might need to come from the CEO or MD or in a charity or not-for-profit it might come from the trustees.

2. Understand why you’re rebranding and what you want to achieve.

You’re thinking of rebranding for a reason, so make sure that you establish and document exactly what that is and, consequently, what you want to achieve from the rebranding process. Knowing the ideal outcomes or goals will help your creative agency no end and also enable you to check back and make sure those goals have been achieved. Its also a good idea to get the goals ‘signed off’ by the right authorities within the organisation to make sure everyone is on the same page.

3. Involve the right people, but no more than that.

Design by committee is a nightmare for you and your agency. Before you start any creative work make sure that you know exactly who your are going to involve and what kind of input you’re going to ask of them. This is where knowing your goals will come in handy, as opinions on design are subjective and ‘I don’t like it because is doesn’t achieve X goal’ is far more useful that ‘I just don’t like it’.

4. Have a plan and a well-written brief.

Establish exactly what your brand needs to cover, consider and deliver on. This also includes a list of assets that you’d like your agency to deliver.

5. Have a deadline and try to stick to it.

It must be a realistic deadline and one that is agreed to by all parties, but have one none the less! Otherwise your project could drag on and loose momentum. If everyone is working towards the same dates that helps to focus peoples minds. You should also include key milestones working backwards of that deadline with key actions and responsibilities assigned to achieving them. If everyone knows what is expected and when, your project should run smoothly. However, if there is a risk that meeting the deadline means that the quality of the project might suffer, then you should definitely consider moving the milestones…

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In conclusion…

Your brand is your most valuable promotional asset, inspiring action, attracting support and building loyalty. At Oyster Design we create brand solutions that give you real brand value, strong identity and high returns on investment. 

From full brand development and consultation to existing logo updates. We love designing solutions that inspire you and capture the real essence of your organisation.

We work with organisations of all sizes in both the private and charity sectors and adapt our approach to suit your individual needs. We can design one-off logos, provide focussed brand refresh and updates or deliver full consultation and management for large brand projects.

Having worked with many brands, we have a depth of experience in brand delivery that ensures every project receives the professional attention and consideration it needs. We will provide a scheduled programme to meet your needs, involve any relevant parties in the consultation, immerse ourselves in your culture and market, and provide design and messaging to give you a real edge.

If you’re looking to kick-off a branding project we’d love to hear form you. Call our studio on 01243 389713 or email us on hello@oysterdesign.co.uk.

To read more about our approach to brand please visit here: http://oysterdesign.co.uk/brand

To view our brand portfolio, please visit here: http://oysterdesign.co.uk/our-work/brand