Oyster's Mike Blatch was interviewed by the Guardian about our approach to charity annual report design and the importance of demonstrating the charity's impact. Oyster works with lots of charities, local, national and international, to create annual reports and other materials that deliver excellent results.

Extract of interview with Mike Blatch, Oyster MD:

"The secret is to be minimal in text but pull out bits of significance," says Mike Blatch, managing director of Oyster Marketing and Design. "Give it white space so that things are easy to read. Use graphics and icons for key figures so that it is easy to digest for the reader. And for every page identify the key facts and information that will help the reader get the message and highlight those."

He adds that charities often make the mistake of using poor imagery. "Use powerful imagery," he says. "One good image does the job, but good photography is key for that."

Oyster is delighted to have worked with charities such as Age UK, Save the Children International, Asthma UK, Combat Stress, Marie Curie Cancer Care and the British Heart Foundation and we look forward to working with many more.