We’ve been working with Bargate Homes in the Hampshire on digital projects for several years. Since the launch of the new website we’ve been fortunate enough to win work from similar organisations on the back of the project – which is always a lovely compliment.

Home Developer Website

The original project for Bargate Homes was to deliver a website that effectively presented their developments and help to raise the profile of the homebuilder. The website allows the user to view developments, download materials, subscribe to news updates and much more. Since this project was delivered Bargate Homes has grown rapidly and is now building more and larger developments.

Home Buyer Portal

In 2014 Oyster delivered a second project for Bargate Homes; a customer portal to support the company’s customer service initiative. The portal allows homebuyers to order options for their home (which could be anything from carpets to light fittings) and easily and track their orders online. It also allows customers to ‘snag’ online; reporting and issues that arise and allowing Bargate Homes to deal with them effectively. The portal also provides lots of documentation about the buyer’s new home, appliances etc that would been provided as part of a large manual before.

Housing Developer CRM

This year we’re helping to take Bargate’s digital ambition even further. Fast growing homebuilders like Bargate often find that team resources become more and more stretched and they need a tool to help to take the strain. Oyster is developing a CRM tool with Bargate Homes that integrates with the website and portal, bringing all customer communications into one master database. The CRM will support the sales team by managing leads, reservation and appointments. It will also work with email broadcast tools enabling the marketing team to effectively send campaigns to the right, targeted groups of individuals. Most importantly, it will help the entire Bargate team to deliver excellent customer service.

We’re hoping to deliver the CRM to Bargate in Spring 2016, with an aim to offering it out to others later in the year. Watch this space for updates!

We also work with Bargate to deliver design and print, including brand work, graphic design, newsletter design and more… Oyster really enjoys working with the ambitious and innovative team and is looking forward to delivering the CRM.

Here are the projects that we've delivered for Bargate:

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Bargate Homes Portal: http://oysterdesign.co.uk/portfolio/bargate-homes-property-management-portal

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