Marketing on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean cutting the amount you spend but instead assessing where you will get your best returns, what actions you can take that are easy, immediate and cost effective and how you prioritise them.  Here are our top 5 activities that won’t break the bank but could open up some new opportunities.

1. Utilize your existing client list

How many of your current customers use all of your services, buy all of your products or even know your full range of offerings?  Current customers are the easier people to market to; you know them, they know you, they’re happy with your work/products (of course) and you have their contact details.  Never miss an opportunity to cross-sell your products/services.  This January, why no arrange a catch-up meeting with your clients to discuss that going on in their business?

2. Shout about the work your doing

Show that you’re busy and that you’re working with lots of people.  By talking about your projects people can get a feel of the kind of work that you do and what it might be like working with you. You can use blogs and social media of course but don’t miss the opportunity to talk to people, groups of friends and acquaintances included.

3. Offer free advice and information

By offing free advice you can establish yourself as an authority on your topic.  As a source of information you can also offer direction as to products and services that they may wish to use – hopefully yours! After all, a supplier should be an expert in their field.

4.  Target similar customers to those you already have

A conversation that starts with “We’ve done something similar with huge success with a similar company to you” is much more powerful than, “We can offer you a services that does X and Y”.  Profile your biggest customers, identify the job title of the contacts that you have in this organization, and find their equal in the similar organizations.

5.  Go Targeted

Mass marketing is impersonal, non specific and often very expensive.  By knowing your market and understanding their needs, you can create a highly targeted campaign that is likely to be much more fruitful that a broad general one.  In a world of marketing and information overload, personalising your approach provides a welcome change for consumers

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