Oyster is delighted to announce that their latest web project for A.H. Freemantle is now live.  A.H. Freemantle are a funeral directors based in Titchfield in Hampshire. Freemantle were looking for a website to better represent their very professional services online, and also convey their caring and traditional approach to their work.

Not always the easiest of subjects, Oyster approached the design of the website with an aim to avoiding any stereotypes and preconceptions. The Oyster designers delivered a stylish and professional design, that was in keeping with the existing brand identity at A.H. Freemantle and their traditional style.

Oyster also delivered photography for this project.  Freemantle wanted to avoid the stereotypical images that you might associate with funeral direction – flowers, cemeteries etc, which gave our photographer a little more creativity to work with. The style and format of the website meant that mostly landscape images were needed to fit the site layout.

The Freemantle website is fully content managed, enabling the team to login and make changes to text and images whenever they need to. Oyster also built an obituaries section where Freemantle can upload details when they need to. Visitors can also add obituaries, which Freemantle can approve and make live on the website.

You can see the new A.H. Freemantle website here: http://www.ahfreemantle.co.uk