Happy New Year and best wishes for 2012 from all of us at Oyster. New Year is a great time for a fresh approach, new initiatives and some thinking outside of the box, and never has this been more important than in 2012. Recession. Double dip. Economic downturn. Good, they’re out of the way and I promise I won’t mention them again….  but their is also some great news; now is a really exciting time for marketing communications, with the advances of our Internet culture and the incredible advances of online marketing tools.

Businesses have two options it seems. The first is to sit out the storm, hibernate until better times return and hope a competitor with a more active approach doesn’t poach your clients. The second is to take a proactive approach to improve and refine your marketing whilst aiding the wider economy a little too.

Marketing and Sales promotion is the single most effective way to grow your business. Marketing smarter is a great starting point; what are you spending and what is the return? Could your money be better spent elsewhere? What is working and what isn’t? There’s an optimum solution for every organisation’s marketing, a point at which the return on investment is good and the integrated approach productive.

Integrated marketing holds the key to effective, lean promotion. An integrated approach looks at the bigger picture of all your marketing efforts and delivers a unified, effective message and strategy. Perhaps you use different agencies for web, PR and design. If you do then you’re certainly not alone but by using different agencies and individuals, the organization is in danger of missing out on a co-ordinated and cohesive approach that will ultimately lead to bigger returns and better returns on investment.

Large organizations all over the World are consolidating their supplier lists to benefit from savings and a properly integrated approach to marketing. Now is a good time for SMEs to follow suit and work closely with integrated creative agencies that can handle all areas – using modern web tools and exploiting opportunities, assessing marketing approach, delivering strong design, writing effective content and unifying marketing communications.

Oyster’s integrated marketing approach is helping our clients to continually achieve better results. We work hard to streamline off and online communications, identify the best value marketing investments and continually monitor activity and results.

For more information or to talk about how Oyster can help with your integrated marketing, please call Mike or Anna on 01243 389713 or email hello@oysterdesign.co.uk.  You can read more about integrated marketing on our website.