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Schools & College Marketing Services

Increase your enrollments and boost your profile

Oyster understands the marketing challenges that schools and colleges face, and we specialise in helping them to achieve their marketing goals. Common challenges that we can help to address are increasing enrolment, rebranding to improve perception, attracting different types of students and offering a better depiction of strengths and character. Oyster has extensive school marketing experience, working with schools and colleges across the UK.

Primary, Junior & Secondary

Government run Primary, Junior and Secondary schools and colleges have had their funding reduced requiring them to become savvier with their marketing budgets, including their marketing budget. By focusing your budget on key areas and ensuring that your messaging is on target, school budgets can be made to go that bit further.

Independent School Marketing

Independent schools and colleges have seen their enrolment figures fall as a result of the economic environment. Independent schools have to act to combat the recession, according to the ATL, by “marketing themselves more aggressively, including overseas”.

Colleges for Higher Education

Oyster work with colleges to convey their strengths and beliefs through marketing, including Prospectus Design, Branding, Graphic Design, College Website Design and more. We’d love to help your college. Please get in touch to arrange a meeting.